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IPAC e-Dialogue coming up, with Nick Manning of the World Bank
« on: January 04, 2013, 07:55:35 GMT »

There is another IPAC e-Dialogue coming up, this one led by Nick Manning of the World Bank

From the IPAC announcement:

'The World Bank has several decades of experience in promoting public sector reform in developing countries.  Nick Manning recently led the World Bank team tasked with appraising this experience and charting a new path forward.  The findings and proposals may surprise you. 

Beginning Wednesday, January 9, you will have the opportunity to discuss what works and does not work in public sector reform directly with Nick.  Do you agree that “best practice” should be replaced by “best fit”?  How can reformers become more agile, adapting “on-the-go”, based on evidence and feedback collected during the reform process?  What kind of evidence should we collect?  What does it take to change what public officials do in practice?  From January 9-18, Nick will be exploring these and other critical issues affecting successful public sector reform.  Share your experiences.  Tell us what you think.' 

How to do it: see the attached instructions (you need to register to the Board to see and download them)
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