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How it works


First the glossary:

A. a Board is where topics are posted;
e.g. ‘Where to begin’ and ‘What makes a budget credible’ are two separate boards

B. a Topic is the first post  initiated by a registered member under a board
e.g.  ‘Albania Board’ is a topic under the board ‘The Country PFM Boards’

C. a Post may be either a reply to a topic or the topic’s first post

How to use it

Well, it is easy:
1.  you click on the red board of your interest
2. you, then,  can choose to start a new topic
3. you choose an existing topic and you can make a reply

The other options available are self-explaining

Other features to consider

i)   When you register, you can chose an avatar as username, if you do not want to use your real name. You will be known in the community under the avatar name.  ;)
ii)  You can attach a file to your post. When you write the text of your post in the message box, check below the box and you find 'Additional Options’. There you can upload up to 4 files per post.
iii) English is the main language in the Board but you can also post in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Other members can always use Google Translate  8)

Need help?

There is the help button just under the PFM Board title.
Or just reply to this post or send me a Personal Message (PM) by clicking the small cloud under my name (the last option is possible only after registering)



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