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What it is and how it all started
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What it is

The PFM Board is a community where practitioners like you MEET on-line to DISCUSS public financial management issues.

Through its open exchange, the PFM Board provides access to consultants and civil servants who are responsible for the PFM reform in developing and transition countries, and to individuals entering the PFM area for the first time.

There are several authoritative PFM presences on the web, among which the PEFA Secretariat (,  and the IMF blog on PFM ( The PFM Board intends to complement them by providing a bottom-up approach to the PFM discussion, whereby  you can decide the topics you are interested in to advance the Board content.

Register for free and decide whether to use your real name or an avatar as username. If you have something to say and/or to ask in the area of PFM you are welcome to the PFM Board!

How it all started

The idea to create the PFM Board was nurtured in 2008-2009. In that period I studied the business model of the community of people around the Grateful Dead, an American rock band of the 60s-70s. This business model has attracted the interest of several economists, among whom there is the Nobel laureate Paul Krugman who concluded his 2008 NYT article by stating: ‘In the long run, we are all the Grateful Dead’ (

This idea would have never taken off without my inner circle of peers and friends who have started the PFM Board with me.
PFM Board Partners
Fitz Ford,
Simon Groom,
Paul Harnett,
John Short,
Simon Stone
Sharon Hanson-Cooper
PFM Board Moderators
Mary Betley
Martin Johnson
Hal Le

All of you who decide to contribute to the PFM Board by posting on it and regularly come back to it, are essential members of the community. 'We all are PFM Boarders’!
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Re: What it is and how it all started
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Re: What it is and how it all started
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The #Great_Lockdown has allowed to shine as tool for virtual missions.
Coupled with #Zoom conference calls the Board allows for daily diary entries by the experts, which help all parties in the conversation to have an overall picture of where the assignment stands.

In addition, the same entries allow the consultants to sharpen their findings and recommendations as the mission evolves.


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