Author Topic: snow planes no trains & the luck of the Irish  (Read 5675 times)

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snow planes no trains & the luck of the Irish
« on: December 22, 2010, 11:27:00 GMT »
Week's activities in Pristina finished - last meeting on Municipal PEFA on Monday 20 Dec ended so thoughts about getting home.  Only problem is I was booked Pristina to Vienna and then to Heathrow and on to Newcastle on the 22nd.  So it could be a Viennese Christmas as the first flight was on.  Tuesday morning - checked on flight status - Vienna to Heathrow 17.15 showing as not cancelled so at least I could get the train to Newcastle.  But East Coast line not operational due to electric cable frozen (did you hear of the ex ODI Cable who could not keep his mouth shut?).  Then I look at Heathrow and Newcastle airports' websites and lo and behold the 20.10 flight to Newcastle was showing as not cancelled.  Got to Pristina airport checked my bag through to Newcastle and hope that what was predicted would happen (sounds like revenue forecasting).  Flights operate like clockwork and here I am in frozen Northumberland.  How fortunate am I, given the plight of all those that have been stuck in Heathrow for all these days?  My bag did not make it but am I going to be churlish?  Absolutely not!  Nature welcomed me home - there was a small earthquake (3.5 scale) 50 miles or so to the West in Cumbria, the earth did not move but the TV picture flickered.  So recently, I have had one bad trip and one that was unexpectedly smooth so plaudits to Austrian and BA on this one.


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