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Professional Diaries
« on: August 06, 2014, 16:42:55 GMT »
Dear PFM Boarders,

this post is to present a new venture in the Board. We ask leading professionals involved in Public Administration Reform and PFM to write a diary about their experience in promoting reforms. They will write a series of posts over the period of a few weeks for what will become a knowledge sharing experience.
You can post your comments and suggestions at any time to try and influence the direction and content of those diaries but there will be no formal replies by the writer as this is not an interview (for that we have our regular Fire-place Conversations at  We hope you will enjoy this initiative. Let us know if you yourself or someone whom you know would be interested in writing a professional diary for the Board.
It is our great pleasure and honor to have Gordon Evans to start the first diary centered on IPS Integrated Planning System.
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