Author Topic: 2012 Conference on public internal control systems in the EU Member States  (Read 6444 times)

Robert de Koning

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For information only

DG Budget of the European Commission is hosting a conference in Brussels on February 27/28, 2012 to discuss the recently issued 2012 Compendium of the public internal control systems in the EU Member States ( SIGMA of OECD has been asked to provide substantial input.

The participants will be representatives from public internal control organisations of the Member States and current Candidate Countries (mainly ministries of finance) as well as from other EU organisations. Participation to the conference is by invitation only.

The objectives of the conference are to discuss matters of common concern relating to managerial accountability, internal control and internal audit as well as to consider ways to provide a structure for a permanent platform (discussion forum) for public IC organisations in the Member States.

The results of this conference will be made public on the website:

Robert de Koning


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