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2009-10 success and sorrow stories
« on: April 07, 2010, 11:04:17 GMT »
So far for me the best assignment in the period was that in Egypt to introduce the preliminary concepts of an MTEF in MoF and piloting them in the Ministry of Education.

I loved each mission to Cairo due to the sophistication of professional exchanges with officials I worked with in the two ministries. The budget reform in Egypt is linked to that of fiscal decentralisation, not a small feature in this country The right sequence in the reform agenda will hold the key of success in the coming years.

Much more problematic is my current assignment in Georgia. The effects of the economic crisis and the 2008 war with Russia are still lingering on and the attention of politicians and managers on PFM reform is understandably limited. The location of the project in the Ministry of Health and Social Protection as a stand-alone sector MTEF was a further complication.

MoF managers, though, are committed to a fresh start on PFM reforms starting from the introduction of program-based budgeting and public investment management.
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