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Author Topic: Looking for a PEFA expert with South Africa Experience  (Read 3420 times)


Looking for a PEFA expert with South Africa Experience
« on: July 26, 2010, 13:16:45 GMT »
Hi to all, we all looking for two experts with the following qualifications:

Minimum expertise required:
   Recent  working experience in conducting reviews of the key (eligibility) areas of assessment for budget support by the EU;
   Recent EU programming expertise covering all financing modalities including GBS, SBS, Project Modality, Pool Funding, Contribution Agreements and Grant Funding in the context of EC General Budget procedures. Knowledge of EC management modes including but not limited to centralised and decentralised management, is also required.  This includes knowledge of the requirements for drafting Identification Fiches;
   Expertise in the field of government-wide monitoring and evaluation and statistical systems.  Knowledge of the systems used in South Africa will be an added advantage;
   Expertise in PFM disciplines, including (but not limited to) public finance management, accountancy, budgeting, performance monitoring, internal control, auditing and PFM capacity building, developing and implementing comprehensive PFM improvement and reform initiatives; 
   Development expertise, including knowledge of development priorities and challenges. Knowledge of poverty reduction policies, strategies and programmes specific to South Africa will be preferable.

Additional expertise required:
   Knowledge of MDGs, the MDG Contract approach and EU action plans and programmes in support of achieving MDGs.
   Knowledge of and expertise in the civil society environment and its role in relation to Government, including service delivery, advocacy and monitoring. Experience in programming NSAs/CSOs involvement in development programmes.  Working experience in the South African CSO environment will be preferred. 
   Experience and knowledge of Governmental/Public Sector performance management and monitoring systems and structures in support of achieving development objectives.
   Expertise in public service capacity development and reform initiatives and programmes.
   Recent experience of working in or with the South African public service will be preferable. 

Qualifications and skills
Education at least to Masters Degree academic level will be required for all experts.  Alternatively, a Bachelors Degree or recognised post-school qualification with relevant professional experience of 10 years in addition to the general professional experience will be required.  With regards to the qualifications in the fields of public financial management, a qualification as a Chartered Accountant or Chartered Management Accountant will be accepted as an alternative to a Masters Degree.

General professional experience
At least 10 years experience in the sector(s) directly related to the assignment.

All experts should be fluent in spoken and written English, and should have excellent technical writing skills.

Please if you are interested send us your CV in EU format to kw@ntu.eu with Karolina

Thanks!! :)


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