Author Topic: ST opportunities with UNDP in Asia Pacific for PFM practitioners  (Read 4031 times)


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ST opportunities with UNDP in Asia Pacific for PFM practitioners
« on: September 05, 2017, 23:58:43 GMT »
Dear Colleague:

 I have been contracted by UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Office in Bangkok to begin a roster of consultants for short term work in the region and am writing you to solicit your interest in these projects. We are looking for individual consultants and firms to work in three areas

 1. Budgeting for the Strategic Development Goals SDGs (BSDG): assisting governments in integrating cross-cutting issues into budget processes by implementing focused national and sub national budget analysis.

 2. Government Cost Sharing (GCS): facilitating more cost-sharing by the national and local governments while implementing UNDP programmes and projects.

3. Development Finance Assessment (DFA): assisting governments in comprehensive understanding and facilitation of development finance flows.

 UNDP estimates that between 10-20 individuals or firms will be required in the roster for each of the 3 areas.

 If you are interested in participating in this roster please complete the attached excel spreadsheet as an individual or firm including the 1, 2 or 3 sections for the areas you are interested in working in BSDG, GCS and DFA and email the completed form back to me at

 I am only completing this initial screening of candidates for inclusion in the roster and will not be involved in hiring candidates . Please do not submit a CV at this point.

Please reply by September 15 2017

With Thanks

 David Ormandy

 Bangkok cell 66655437301


Link to Excel Application Form-

Open the link to make entries and to edit  in Excel
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