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Raising the Bar: the enhanced PEFA Framework
« on: May 20, 2016, 15:22:50 GMT »
Fiscus Limited, in collaboration with MB Consulting are running a training courses on the recently launched 2016 PEFA Assessment Framework.

The 3 day-courses, titled Raising the Bar: the enhanced PEFA Framework have been developed to support public finance management specialists from governments, donor agencies and consultancy organisations, in undertaking, managing or using PEFA assessments at both national and sub-national level.
The deadline for application is the 17th of August.

-   Oxford 12th – 14th September (£1,600 incl. accommodation) – in English

The course will provide a detailed introduction to the new PEFA indicator set, an explanation of changes from previous frameworks, and ‘tips and tricks’ for its effective application. Making use of a unique case-study approach, the courses enable participants to gain a realistic and context-specific understanding of PEFA, with emphasis placed on participation and knowledge-sharing.

The lead trainer in Oxford will be Andrew Lawson, Director of Fiscus Limited. Andrew is a PFM expert with many years experience of working with the PEFA and collaborating with governments on design and implementation of PFM reform.

For more details or to apply for the Oxford course, please visit
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