Author Topic: Opening up the budget process - the case of education  (Read 4208 times)


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Opening up the budget process - the case of education
« on: March 24, 2014, 17:15:58 GMT »
The Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EFA GMR) is the main reference document of the international community for following progress towards six education goals by 2015. As part of the 2015 report, we aim to do a stocktake of factors that have helped accelerate, or have held back, such progress. The growing interest in opening up the budget process to more scrutiny, often led by civil society organisations, is potentially one of these factors that may have led to more effective, efficient and equitable resource allocation in the education sector over the past 15 years.

We would like to commission a paper that would document these changes, supporting the key arguments with four country case studies. Indicative terms of reference are attached. You may express your interest by March 31 by sending an e-mail to


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