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Searching for the Public-Private Partnership expert
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:46:43 GMT »
Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GYLA), which is one of the biggest Georgian civil society organization (established since 1994) is searching for Public-Private Partnership expert.

In the near future GYLA plans to conduct a research paper, which will be related  to legal entities of private law (Both commercial and non-commercial entities) established by the state.

One particular part of the research paper is planed to be concentrated on the international experience of implementing Public-Private Partnerships. An Expert who will be in charge of preparing this part of the research paper has to analyze successful practice of different countries (such as for example United Kingdom) and all aspect related to this matter - Covering legislative basis for implementing PPPs, procedure undergone by the state and private entity in order to form PPPs, practical examples, advantages and disadvantages of this institution, etc.

Additionally, in relation to the selected countries (for PPPs) it is desirable if an expert will have the possibility to examine matters related to the transparent activities of the entities of private law established by the state, such as pre-requisites of establishing legal entities of private law by the state, transparency of expenditures of funds transferred by the founder, openness of the procurement procedure, the rules of administering the property transferred by the founder, accountability to the founder or to the public, etc.

Expert is expected to prepare 20-25 pages long research paper.

Expert will be giver approximately one month period for the preparation of the first draft. Afterword, in case of any comments, he/she will have additional one week for modification.

Interested candidates should send their CVs to ; CV shall clearly demonstrate experience in this filed.

For further questions please contact to ;

For further information about GYLA, visit web-page - ;


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