GDSI is looking for 3 experts for the Lesotho FW project

If interested email to anna.lobanova@gdsi.ie
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Author Topic: Consultancy to assist the NAO to perform a quality audit and to resolve issues c  (Read 3093 times)


GDSI has received request for services for the project in Lesotho "Consultancy to assist the NAO to perform a quality audit and to resolve issues concerning the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) " We are looking now for 3 experts for this project.

The full ToR available from http://www.gdsi.ie/news.asp

There is a need for a quality audit in terms of assessing whether the system as supplied meets the required specifications /mandatory requirements of the system. This requires an assessment of the functionality of all aspects of the system and its introduction, including, but not limited to, the IT specifications and configurations required for its use on the WAN and, eventually, introduction of the system throughout the Government network and across the country.  This assessment would inform any current or future contract disputes. Such an assessment  will form the basis for a comprehensive review of the contractual responsibilities/obligations as set out in contract, juxtaposed with the existing output (both in regards to services and supplies) from STCL. This assignment  requires expertise in four areas:

1.   hands on experience with the set-up, configuration and use of the Epicor application in a whole of government accounting environment, including any changes and adaptations required for its effective operation (business process re-engineering/ change management) and its interfacing with other software applications;

2.   with the IT specifications and configurations needed for successful implementation and effective utilisation of the Epicor system, including its interfacing with other applications;

3.   drawing on the expertise in the areas above, analysis of whether the requirements of the RVD and of the contract have been, or can within a reasonable time frame, be, met.
4.   Managing of contracts and contract disputes. Naturally this will inform the Project Management Team on the Final Acceptance certificate of the system as a whole.

o   Expert 1: One Senior Expert in IT contract management (45 working days)
o   Expert 2: One Senior Expert on the Epicor application and its use in a whole of government environment for an IFMIS 
(39 working days)
o   Expert 3: One Senior Expert on IT specifications and configuration necessary for successful implementation of Epicor across a WAN and, eventually, across the country, including inter-facing with other applications
                        (29 working days)
Starting period
o   No later than 5 July 2010.
Foreseen finishing period or duration
o   The contract should not extend beyond March 2011.
Location(s) of assignment
o   The assignment will take place primarily in Maseru, Lesotho. There is an expectation that if required the team will be expected to travel outside of Maseru (within Lesotho) to complete their work. In this regard, none of the trips are foreseen to last longer than one working day and will therefore not require any overnight stays in hotels. 

If you are interested please email your CV to Anna Lobanova at anna.lobanova@gdsi.ie before June 8.


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