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Foundations of Public Procurement - Idilmat Workshop
« on: September 03, 2013, 16:43:16 GMT »
Foundations of Public Procurement

This three-day professional development workshop provides a practical and useful overview of public procurement, reviewing the legal and regulatory framework, the institutional arrangements, the procurement methods, the dependence of its effectiveness on other related public finance management performance, opportunities for corruption, the assessment of public procurement performance and the role of the market. 

A key objective of sound public procurement is achieving efficiency through price competition.  This of course is both a function of the implemented public procurement mechanisms as well as the functioning of the market. It also touches upon elements of public disposal.  The professional development workshop provides an excellent basis for understanding the function of procurement-expenditure controls and the oversight role of key institutions; and how external accountability agents can reinforce overall control effectiveness. It is designed for participants who are involved in policy advocacy work, media, the private sector and non state actors and civil society at large. It will also be useful for Public Finance Management professionals whose main focus is outside of public procurement but whose performance is affected by it.  The course has been designed specifically with the developing country context in mind. It is suitable for participants with little or no background in Public Procurement.

Workshop Dates:

01 - 03 October 2013

Accra, Ghana


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