Author Topic: Food security experts for the implementation of the EU Food Security Agenda  (Read 2751 times)

Title: Advisory Services for the implementation of the Food Security Agenda

Agrer SA is looking for 2 senior experts to provide technical expertise and advice to EU Delegations and country offices on sector approach analysis in all sectors related to food security, budget support, project cycle management.

Starting date: September 2013
Duration period: 220 WDs for the TL, 110 WDs for the KE2 (over 12 months)
Location: homebased, Brussels and 25 short-term missions worldwide for maximum 170 WDs (both experts)

Deadline to submit candidatures: July 19th, 2013 at


TL: economist with knowledge in agriculture and professional experience in food security and budget support in developing countries.

- knowledge of macroeconomics, public finance management and fiscal policy
- sector approaches and sector policy analysis; public expenditure sector review
- familiarity with EC development policies
- good understanding of EC budget support
- experience in institutional capacity building
- experience as TL
- knowledge of current issues in food security and principles of LRRD

KE2: agricultural/food security specialist

- knowledge of rural development including livelihoods, LRRD, pro poor extension services, PPP, decentralization, gender and equity
- experience in PPCM, including M&E
- knowledge of sector analysis, busget support and EC development cooperation prodecures


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