Author Topic: RS-Pristina: IPA Support to the Ministry of Finance - Non key Experts  (Read 3140 times)

Intern Mazars

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Our consotium has been shortlisted for the tender  " Support to the Ministry of Finance

The main objective of the service contract is to improve Kosovo's participation in more integrated economic and fiscal surveillance frameworks; and will facilitate the fiscal decentralisation process in Kosovo, by ensuring a closer link between budget and service delivery at local level.

We are looking for some experts who would be willing to collaborate with us on this tender. The non key experts should have experience in the  following areas
1.        Macroeconomic modeling and forecasting
2.        Benchmarking and expenditure costing of municipal services
3.        Organization, functions and responsibilities off grants or fiscal commissions
4.        Own source revenue policy analysis
Please contact me on for more information.


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