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Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget

This three-day professional development workshop is aimed at providing participants with an understanding of the central government budget; and  provides a framework to analyse it.  The central government´s budget is placed within the fuller public sector framework to permit a basis for examining the degree of comprehensiveness achieved and the opportunities presented for obscuring the application of government funds through extra-budgetary arrangements. 

This training is designed for:
Non Budget Officers
Development Advisors

By the end of the course participants will:
**Understand the budget formulation, implementation and reporting cycle and identify opportunities for meaningful civil society engagement as well as opportunities for corruption and abuse;
**Be equipped with some basic methods for analysing budget documentation
**Be able to assess the credibility of the budget
**Be able to identify threats to debt sustainability
**Understand the basic elements of Budget Formulation; Budget Classification; Budget Preparation; Budget Execution, Financial Management and Reporting; External Audit and Parliamentary Oversight.
Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget
June 3, 4, 5 2013
Idilmat Capacity Development Institute
Ring Road Central, Accra
See course details or register online

For more information contact Grace Ayensu on +233 266 170 403 or email her

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