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Public Finance Management:From Assessment to Reform is a five-day Idilma ist workshop designed for government and development partner officials involved in the assessment of programmes for the reform and improvement of public finance management systems through the introduction of analytical frameworks and political economy analysis tools applied to public finance management (PFM).

By the end of the course participants will:

Be aware of the complex nature of PFM reform the political dimension, the macro-economic context, change management, capacity development, the institutional framework, the constraining dimension of functional linkages and the financial administration network

Be able to outline the key features necessary for the implementation of a successful comprehensive PFM reform programme.

Be able to identify the type of capacity development support that will be needed to support the PFM reform effort

15 July - 19 July  2013

Fiore Heights,
Ring Road Central,
Accra, Ghana

For more details of this  training workshop please go to
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