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Cooperation Opportunity with PMCG within EU FRW 2013-2015
« on: November 06, 2012, 13:49:55 GMT »
Policy and Management Consulting Group is participating in the EU Framework tender for the 2013-2015 framework contracts in the Lot 11 - Macro Economy, Statistics and Public Finance Management, that would allow us to participate in every framework project announced by EU under the lot 11 during the years 2013-2015.
For this opportunity we are currently selecting experts with relevant experience that would exclusively cooperate with PMCG. In case you are interested in the framework contracts please kindly send us your recent CV (preferably in EU format) with singed Statement of Personal Commitment (please see the attached file) to Apart from the PFM, Lot 11 is covering Macro Economy and statistics. Brief description of the areas are as follows:
A. Macro economy
1.   Macroeconomic analysis / reforms (e.g. national accounts, fiscal, balance of payment, monetary)
2.   Debt issues
3.   Economic growth
4.   Poverty analysis
B. Statistics
5.   National statistical systems (e.g. data collection, analysis, publishing, quality control),
6.   Performance measurement and monitoring (e.g. indicators identification, setting targets, measurement of development results, quality control)
C. Public financial management (PFM)
7.   Assessment, diagnosis and reform of Public financial management, incl. PEFA framework
8.   Audit (Internal and external)
9.   Tax policy, revenue (e.g. direct and indirect, personal and corporate, excises)
10.   Budgeting (e.g. policy, planning, preparation, execution, reporting and audit)
11.   Public procurement
12.   Public sector accounting systems (e.g. chart of accounts, single/double, cash/accruals)
You will be informed immediately once we are shortlisted and then we can proceed with the preparation of the requirements set in the tender dossier.
The deadlines are quite short and we would very much appreciate to receive your reply no later than 8th of November, Thursday.

A brief description of Framework Contract BENEF 2013 is as follows:
Contract description:
The FWC will provide short-term operational services for the exclusive benefit of third countries receiving EU external aid. Framework contracts will be concluded with several successful tenderers per lot, for an initial period of 2 years, with possibility of extension with a maximum of an additional 2 years. The technical domains covered relate to the lots described under item 8.
During the implementation period of the FWC, for each individual assignment, several framework contractors within the relevant lot will be invited to submit an offer. When submitting an offer for a specific contract, the framework contractor will respect the maximum prices on which basis it won the framework contract and which will be published on EuropeAid's Internet. The contracting authority will choose the offer with best value for money for the assignment on the basis of the technical quality of the offer and the price of the services, and will conclude a specific contract with that framework contractor.



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