Author Topic: Towards Narrowing the Corruption Space - Idilmat Workshop  (Read 2367 times)


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Towards Narrowing the Corruption Space - Idilmat Workshop
« on: October 05, 2012, 14:10:57 GMT »
This 3-day Professional Development Workshop  from 3-5 December 2012 provides an excellent foundation for evolving strategies for narrowing the corruption space in the practice of public finance management (PFM) in a developing country context.

The course provides participants with the introductory tools to effectively understand the mechanisms employed for corrupt practices in public finance management and to discuss effective ways to limit such practices.

The target audience is Government officials and Development advisers whose work is involved in public finance management in developing countries, or for investors wishing to operate in developing countries.

3 December to 5 December 2012
18 March to 20 March 2013

Fiore Heights,
Ring Road Central,
Accra, Ghana


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