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South Africa, Capacity Development for PFM, 5 LT experts
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SECTORS: Budget & Financial Management, Public Investment Programming, Human Resources Development

        E1   Team Leader Capacity Building Expert
   E2,3,4   PFM Capacity Development Expert
        E1   709 working days
   E2,3,4   665 working days 
LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS   Working knowledge of English
DEADLINE   ASAP Recruitment starts immediately upon publication of this vacancy announcement; posts may be filled already before the indicated application deadline.
ToRs are available only for shortlisted experts
   Only short listed consultants will be replied to.
   Please apply only if you fulfill all requirements for the vacant position
   All experts must have at least regional experience
   Please send us your CV in the EU AID format ; you may download the templates at


Only short listed consultants will be replied to. 
If you wish to submit your candidature, please send us:
1 - Your up dated and position-adjusted CV in EU AID format, in the language of vacancy and as word.doc detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments. CVs in other format than EU format will not be evaluated.
2 - The country, no of position/field (s) you will apply for in the subject line of message
3 - Your daily/monthly fee (EUR) without the living allowances.
4 - Your communication details (Mobil, phone, etc.)
5- Applicants are encouraged to create consultant profiles in our online registry at:
Suggestions: Please make sure, that the experience requested is also shown "Description" section 14 of your CV. As the selections are very strict and paper based, we request you to prepare your CV in the right format and detail all the relevant experience under the Professional experience table as much as possible. There is no problem if your CV is long, the most important is to prepare so that it describes clearly your experiences relevant to the mission. (Your CV has to sell you!)
Restrictions: In case consultants are short listed, they must be able to provide documentary evidence for educational and professional items in their CVs (copies of diplomas, copies of employers' reference letters, etc.). Documents those are not available in English have to be accompanied by a faithful translation. This is mandatory requirement for Europe Aid tenders.
Project Description:
The beneficiary organisation, the National Treasury of South Africa, is the contracting authority for the capacity building for public financial management (PFM) programme, funded by the European Commission. Based on the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act (1999) and the Municipal Finance Management Act (2003), the National Treasury has developed a comprehensive capacity development strategy for PFM. The strategy provides a national perspective to address the challenges of scarce skills, high levels of vacancies and staff turnover, a lack of suitable education, training and development programmes and limited knowledge management.

The programme is based on 6 results areas:
- an enabling PFM institutional environment within the 3 spheres of government;
- enhanced organisational PFM capacity developed;
- an empowered and sustained PFM corps of competent and committed employees;
- an environment to sustain mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships;
- increased PFM capacity within provincial government; and
- increased PFM capacity for selected local government.

The overall objective of the project will be to develop public financial management capacity of national, provincial and local government in order to contribute to improved financial performance of the Government of South Africa. The contractor will provide a team of technical assistants that will assist the National Treasury with the implementation of the programme.

Key Expert 1: Team Leader Capacity Building Expert

Qualification & skills

The expert should have a recognized Master's Degree or equivalent qualification in Capacity Development, and/or Organisational Development, and/or Human Resource Development and/or Education & Training and/or Business Administration. 

General Experience

The expert will have at least 15 years' general experience relevant to the assignment. 

Specific experience

In addition, the capacity development expert should be able to demonstrate:

   Practical experience of the implementation and management of EU (or other donor-funded) programmes, particularly with respect to project-approach programmes;
   Experience in working on development cooperation in other middle income countries;
   Extensive knowledge in the design and development of capacity development interventions, specifically for the public sector;
   Sound demonstrated experience in the development of ETD solutions;
   Experience working with multiple stakeholders, including; government, education, professional bodies and private ETD providers;
   Experience in developing PFM curricula and reviewing programme content;
   Experience in conducting monitoring and evaluation of the implemented capacity interventions;
   Experience in developing skills transfer implementation plans or strategies;
   Experience in facilitating workshops and trainings;
   Experience in provision of organizational and HR related policies, norms and standards.

Key Experts 2, 3 and 4: PFM Capacity Development Expert

Qualification & skills

These experts should have a Masters degree, or equivalent qualification, in Accounting, and/or Budgeting, and/or Economics, and/or Financial Management or an equivalent qualification in a Public Financial Management field.  In the absence of a Master's degree, a recognized Bachelors Degree in Accounting, and/or Budgeting, and/or Economics, and/or Financial Management, or an equivalent qualification in Public Financial Management. A qualification as a Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) or Certified Auditor or equivalent qualification will be seen as equivalent to a Masters degree.

General Experience

The experts will have at least 10 years' general experience relevant to the assignment. In the absence of a Masters Degree (or equivalent as specified above) al least 5 years above the 10 years' general experience is required necessary (i.e. 15 years overall relevant general experience) are required.
Specific experience

In addition, the experts should, combined, have extensive demonstrable experience in:
   The development and implementation of PFM capacity development programmes;
   The development and implementation of PFM policies, standards, frameworks or guidelines in various spheres of government;
   A PFM consulting or technical advisory role in comparative developing country context;
   Sound demonstrated experience in the development of ETD solutions;
   Working with multiple stakeholders, including government, education, professional bodies and private ETD providers;
   Experience in developing PFM-related curricula and reviewing programme content;
   Experience in conducting monitoring and evaluation of the implemented PFM and/or capacity development interventions.

Additional Requirements

The key experts should be results-driven and energetic team players that will be able to negotiate the multiple demands and pressures of the project. Moreover, they should be fluent in written and oral English and must be computer literate.

Collectively, the team of experts should preferably demonstrate the following:
   Expertise in at least 5 out of the following 9 areas of PFM, namely Management Accounting (planning and budgeting), Revenue Management, Expenditure Management, Asset Management (movable and immovable), Financial Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Internal Control, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit.
   In-depth understanding of Public Sector Reform in South Africa will be advantageous;
   Conversant with EU approach/other main stream donors and EU aid delivery methods will be advantageous (including working experience of the PRAG);
   In-depth knowledge of the public financial management in South Africa or country with similar PFM structures and processes, and be abreast of latest trends and developments.


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