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London Gatwick luggage transfers


John Short:
Would advise anyone flying into the North terminal at Gatwick London and transferring to the South terminal for another flight NOT to check your hold bags through but to pick them up at the North terminal and carry them across to the South terminal and check in again on your next flight - that is if you have sufficient time to do so and you want to see your bag in a few days time, or in my recent experience, at all! A connecting period of 3-4 hours does not appear to be enough for the bags to make the journey without self-help, from my experience on a number of occasions this year and last.  I know I am not the only one as it happened to a colleague last Friday who checked the bag through - I did not and only I had mine in Newcastle off the flight.  A lesson learned from experience - my bag checked in on 2nd September is still AWOL.

John Short:
Further to my previous post - my bag arrived a few minutes ago, but 27 days late just as I was putting my claim together to post to the airline.  Can I put this down to the power of the PFMBoard?


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