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Seeking PFM Experts for consulting assignments !
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Dear all,

The DFC Group is a private consulting firm specialized in providing strategic management advice and project management services to the international financial sector. DFC manages the EuropeAid Framework Contract Lot 11 (Macro economy, Statistics and Public finance management) for which we are currently seeking new experts to be incorporated to our database and participate in international development projects financed by the European Union under EuropeAid Framework Contracts.

The areas of expertise that we are seeking are the following:

Macro economy
1. Macroeconomic analysis / reforms (e.g. national accounts, fiscal, balance of payment, monetary)
2. Debt issues (debt restructure, insolvency, debt management, debt capital markets, mortgage security, asset securitization)
3. Economic growth
4. Poverty analysis

5. National statistical systems (e.g. data collection, analysis, publishing, quality control),
6. Performance measurement / monitoring (e.g. indicators identification, setting targets, quality control)

Public financial management (PFM)
7. Assessment, diagnosis reform of Public financial management, incl. PEFA framework
8. Audit (Internal and external)
9. Revenue (e.g. direct and indirect, personal and corporate, excises)
10. Budgeting (e.g. policy, planning, preparation, execution, reporting and audit)
11. Public procurement
12. Public sector accounting systems (e.g. chart of accounts, single/double, cash/accruals)

Interested candidates please send your CVs to the email below by January1, 2010. Their CVs will be incorporated into our database and their skills will be matched with ongoing projects in your areas of expertise.

We look forward to working with you !

Ana Carrasco


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