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I feel sure that this is the place to share cherished memories of hotels - anyone want to start with the Cape Sierra?

I remember staying at an hotel in Baku (around 1994), where nothing was right.

My Azeri colleague told me that happiness in the Sovet time was discovering ingenious way to make it right.

One night I applied a paper clip to join the two sides of a round-down curtain.
It went dark in the room...and I felt happy the Soviet way  ;D

Martin Johnson:
How can I forget the Cape Sierra? Could it be the jet aircraft in the air conditioner (that somehow did not make the air any cooler)? Could it be the beds? The shower curtain (oh, that's right, there wasn't one)? The welcoming atmosphere?

.....not to mention the lack of water in the bathroom or the no-so-subtle knocks on the door in the middle of the night! This is the only hotel I have stayed in that lifted my credit card details and used them to purchase some very strange things.

Glen Wright:
My favorite hotel is the Fairview in Nairboi.  Beautiful place with the waterfalls in the garden, beautiful grounds, excellent rooms and great service. 


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