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New mission - FWC Lot 11 - Final Evaluation of NAO - Malawi
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Final Evaluation of Capacity Building for National Authorising Office Support Unit in the Ministry of Finance

Global objective:  The expert shall review and evaluate the performance of project implementation in terms of its contribution to the overall objective, purpose and expected results as expressed in the Financing Agreement. Following this assessment, the expert will make conclusions and recommendations as to the follow-up initiatives that can be launched in the future to consolidate the NAO SU by relevant GoM institutions. The expert will be expected to consult with appropriate representatives of the Government of Malawi and Programme Estimate (PE) beneficiaries, the NAO SU, the EU Delegation and other relevant stakeholders.

n. 1 Senior expert (30 working days)
- Given the importance of the assignment, the exercise calls for an expert who has excellent analytical capacity and has a proven track record of success in similar assignments. The expert should have the following attributes:
-  appropriate post-graduate degree (Masters Level), preferably in the fieids of Economics, Public Administration, Public Sector Finance Management, Finance or other similar fieids. A professional experience of at least 10 years in these fieids in addition to the professional requirements stated below will be regarded equivalent to a post-graduate qualification.
- The expert shall have a minimum of 10 years professional experience of which at least 8 years work experience in the fieids of development, and public sector finance management and reform, in developing countries.
- The expert shall have demonstrated experience in EU project implementation under Programme Estimates, service, supply and works contracts and especially demonstrated expertise in EU evaluation methodology;
- Working experience in the above areas preferably in Malawi and/or the SADC/COMESA region will be an advantage.
- Drafting skills are important, as are a good working knowledge of the standard Microsoft Office suite of programmes. The expert should also be an excellent English communicator, writer and editor.

Starting period: The assignment should start by 21st February 2011 at the latest.
Foreseen finishing period or duration: The duration of the assignment is 30 working days including time for completing the final report; carried out within 8 calendar weeks.

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