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Strategic planning mechanisms and budget preparation expert needed
« on: December 16, 2010, 13:36:49 GMT »
Dear Members of the PFM Board,

Our company - EPRD Ltd. Poland - is short-listed to the EU project "Institutional and capacity building in employment sector in Bosnia & Herzegovina" and currently looking for experts for the proposal. The project is expected to start in April 2011 and will last 24 months.

One of the profiles is "Key expert 2: Expert for development of strategic planning mechanisms and budget preparation in institutions responsible for free market policies" (full time, 440 working days).

The full profile is as follows:
Qualifications and skills:
- University degree in Economy or Business Administration or equivalent minimum 5 years of specific professional experience above the specific professional experience fixed below;

General professional experience:
- A proven track record of 10 years, preferably, but minimum 7 years of experience in working with/in public sector;

Specific professional experience:
- Preferably 10 but minimum 7 years of proven experience in preparation and development of strategic planning documents and preparation of budgeting policies of public institutions;
- Experience in southeast Europe or transitional countries an advantage;

If anyone of you is interested to cooperate with us, please submit your updated CV at

Further details upon request.

Best regards,

Michal Kowal

EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd.
Szkolna 36A Str., 25-604 Kielce, Poland
Tel.: +48 41 345 32 71 (to 74), ext. 28
Fax: +48 41 345 25 87
Skype: EPRD_Michal_Kowal;


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