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Consultancy in Lesotho with NTU / PFM PEFA Expert
« on: October 27, 2010, 13:41:47 GMT »

Hi to all! We have been shortlisted for the following project:

Consultancy for a Public Financial Management Assessment of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kingdom of Lesotho

One senior expert is requested for 15 person-days in Maseru, Lesotho plus 6 days office work for
Qualifications / Experience
At least a recognized Master Degree or recognised equivalent level in the fields of
public financial management, fiscal policy, accounting, economics and/or public sector
At least 10 years working experience in the various disciplines of public financial
management, PFM reform, research and/or PFM/fiscal policy formulation.
Skills / Knowledge-Base
Working and/or research experience in assessing all aspects of PFM systems, policies
and procedures. The expert must offer work/research experience in at least a
combination of the main fields covered by the PEFA indicators, which include:
o Budget transparency and allocation (including budget formulation, preparation
and oversight);
o Budget management;
o Intergovernmental relations;
o Multi-year fiscal planning;
o PFM and expenditure policy and legislation;
o Public procurement and treasury functions;
o Internal controls and auditing;
o Performance auditing;
o Accrual accounting;
Understanding of and experience in working in the Lesotho PFM sector and
environment will be advantageous;
Understanding and/or experience in working with the PEFA methodology and
assessment of PEFA indicators and reporting will be advantageous.
Excellent oral and writing skills in English are mandatory.

If you are interested please contact Isabelle at


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