Author Topic: Prepare a PFM Action Plan for St. Kitts & Nevis - relaunched!!!!!  (Read 2841 times)


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Dear potential experts!

The below project has now been relaunched - deadline is April 27, but note that the Danish Technological Institute is closed for Easter April 21-25 (both days included), so the sooner you contact me/us, the better. The starting date is now May 17!

Kind regards,
Marianne Jessing
Danish Technological Institute

For FWC 11, DTI is looking for 2 snr exp to Prepare a PFM Action Plan for St. Kitts & Nevis. 2 visits over a 3 months period; 30 working days per expert. Contact Marianne Jessing on or Peter Rekve on

Profiles for both experts:
o A degree in Public Finance, Accounting, Economics, or any other related discipline with post-graduate degree (s) and/or other relevant professional qualification(s) being an advantage.
o PF specialists with minimum ten years international experience in public financial management and/or procurement reforms, with seven years working in a developing country context.
o Strong experience in conducting fiduciary and Public Financial Management diagnostics and implementing reforms particularly in the assessment of budget preparation and execution process. Must be able to understand cross-cutting issues beyond financial management (such as governance, and public sector management) at sector and country levels.

o Fluent in English (written and spoken).

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