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Accounting, budgeting and FMS for Tbilisi Municipality
« on: October 04, 2010, 10:40:19 GMT »
DFC SAU has been shortlisted for a World Bank funded project in Georgia entitled "Consultancy Services on Accounting/Bookeeping, budgeting and financial management system in Tblisi City Administration. We are looking for a team leader, an accounting and FM systems expert, and an IT specialist, particularly the TL.
TL - Manager, finance or accounting expert with minimum 10 yeasr demonstrated consulting experience. S/he needs to provide for high level and targeted strategi advice related to conceptualizing and executing of tasks for the entire consultant team and is also responsible fo all activities and quality delivereables of the Consultants team.
Accounting and FM systems Expert- Minimum of 10 years of demonstrated experiences in similiar positions. Responsible for all accounting related advice, design and implementation of accounting systems, register, FMIS system and all related training.
IT specialist - Minimum of 5 year of demonstrated experiences in IT with special focus on public admin systems. Responsible for all IT related advice, desing and implementation issues and related training.

We would prefer candidates with previous experience in Georgia and ideally Georgian/Russian skills.
Any interested candidates please contact Angela Rae at DFC SAU ( directly with reference "Tblisi municipaility project". Thanks!
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