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Well one of the EC's practices that frustrates is being subjected to real presssure at them moment.  The Statement of Exclusivity and Availability, the thorn in the side of many consultants' diary planning is now under attack from an impressive campaign, questioning it's legal status, not to mind fairness.  Signatures (confidential) are required to push the campaign along.  Check out and/or have a look at the attached newsletter

It seems like the petition (some 600 signatures in the end) might have had some impact: I have heard that the SoE&A has been changed somewhat, allowing consultants to list their other assignments and the timing. It probably needs closer examination to see what the fine print says. I have also listened recently to one Commission official downplaying the issue.

I have to admit that I didn't sign the petition. Probably laziness more than anything!

Glen Wright:
I would like to know if there is any updated information on this issue.  Recently I received some slightly different versions of the SOE&A from firms.  It seems the issue of conflicting assignments is a bit more relaxed, but the language still seems a bit vague.


The latest newsletter I can find is almost a year old - it appears that the reform has been "a disaster" with little change.  Worth a read of the attached

Glen Wright:
Hello:  Thanks for this.  It seems some changes might have been made.  I think I signed this petition, but never received any newsletter.  There was some indication that changes might be made in June 2012, so perhaps more will develop by that time.   I do notice some variation in the SOE&A between contractors that have contacted me.  So, perhaps more uniformity or clarification is needed on this.  Thanks again for your reply.


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