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Title: PFM position: International Budget Execution Expert-DAFA III
Post by: IRD - DAFA III on September 20, 2013, 20:06:01 GMT
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The Australian Government established the Development Assistance Facility for Afghanistan (DAFA) in 2007 to support the Afghanistan National Development Strategy. The goal of DAFA’s third phase is to develop the leadership and human capacity required to achieve sustainable economic and social development in Afghanistan. Building capacity and public confidence in the government’s ability to deliver services and improving the quality of education are critical components of this mission and the Afghan government’s efforts to meet its people’s needs.

DAFA III comprises four components:

Australia Awards in Afghanistan offers opportunities for long and short-term study and professional development in Australia with the objective of developing capacity and leadership skills so that individuals can return home and contribute to development in Afghanistan.

Malaysia Australia Education Project for Afghanistan (MAEPA) involves the Governments of Malaysia, Australia and Afghanistan cooperating to provide professional development training to Afghanistan’s Teacher Trainers and teacher college staff to improve the quality of teaching in Afghanistan.

The Public Financial Management (PFM) program aims to improve the quality of core development budget processes in key service delivery Line Ministries.

AusAID-Initiated Activities deliver needs-based, flexible interventions in support of the Australian Government’s strategic programming objectives.

Position Description
GIRoA’s low development budget execution rate is slowing down economic activity and impeding Government’s ability to effectively deliver services to its citizens. GIRoA has committed in Tokyo Mutual Accountability Framework (TMAF) to improve its budget execution to 75 percent by 2017 and improve the management of public funds as measured by PEFA indicators by 20 percent.
To address the issues in Budget Execution, under Sub-Component 3.1 of the Afghanistan PFM project Australia will provide assistance and support to four beneficiary ministries: the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Public Works.  Each of the four Ministries will be supported by two international Budget Execution Experts and up to four National Advisers providing support in financial planning procurement, financial administration and financial reporting.
In addition, to support the Ministry of Finance an International Adviser specializing in budget formulation and Execution will be embedded in the Office of the Director General Budget. She/he will be responsible for providing high quality technical support to the Ministry of Finance and will bring international best practice in the PFM area to the Team.
Responsibilities and Tasks
International Adviser, performing role of the Adviser to the General Directorate, Budget (Ministry of Finance) will have the following primary duties and responsibilities:
1.   Provide technical support for strengthening Program Budgeting in Afghanistan - Conduct studies on improving Program Budgeting in Afghanistan. The research should reflect commentary on success stories in Program budgeting internationally and make recommendations for MOF duly taking into account the local context. 
2.   Provide technical support to Budget Directorate, MOF in enhancing and strengthening MTBF and provide recommendations on introduction of MTEF
3.   Propose analytical procedures and tools for regular expenditure reviews in budget: Assist with training relevant MOF staff with executing expenditure reviews and provide technical support in institutionalizing budget analysis in the MOF;
4.   Participate in ensuring the technical delivery of the capacity building activities under Sub-Component 3.1 of the PFM program of DAFA III.
5.   Quality assurance of deliverables/reports produced under the PFM component
6.   Conduct Diagnostics for weaknesses in budget execution from of Ministry of Finance (Budget and Treasury Directorates) perspective and suggest measures for improving business processes.
7.   Work with team members (Budget Execution Experts and National Advisers in Line Ministries) for improvement in budget formulation and execution
8.   Develop briefs for Technical Assistance Coordination Committee of Ministry of Finance and
9.   Provide support to the Program’s Steering Committee
Reporting arrangements
The Adviser will report to the PFM Project Manager and work in a cooperative team environment with other PFM component members.
Duration and Location
The Adviser will be based in Kabul, full-time from September 2013 to September 2015.
This position is an international position with fee rates governed by AusAID’s Adviser Remuneration Framework: Remuneration Tables and Guideline (February 2011). The position fits under Table D: Long-term Adviser, Discipline Group C, Job level 3.
Required Skills and Experience
•   Master Degree in Economics, Public Finance or related field, with at least ten years international experience in the field of public finance management - budget preparation, execution and reporting;
•   Excellent understanding of public financial management in general and of the budgeting process in particular, generally and in the Afghanistan context;
•   Proven ability to develop budget policy, legal instruments, circulars and guidance to line ministries and provincial administrations in budget formulation and execution process;
•   A good knowledge of Afghanistan governance structure and of provincial governance issues is preferable;
•   Experience in working with the Government agencies, donors, NGOs and/or United Nations;
•   Demonstrated experience of institutional capacity building, skills transfer, and mentoring and training of national staff with sustainable results from fragile/conflict states; Publications in PFM highly desirable
•   Excellent communication, management and leadership skills; and
•   Strong computer and technical skills.

Apply directly online:;jsessionid=57BC19F4BD64B26BC5DE48D325B38C43.NA10_primary_jvm?org=IRDDC&cws=1&rid=1092