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Title: PFM experts needed for TA capacity development project in South Africa (24 m)
Post by: sandersteur on May 09, 2012, 11:34:13 GMT
Dear colleagues,
ECFDC is in the process of preparing an Expression of Interest for above-mentioned project in South Africa.
The project is still in forecast, but we expect the procurement notice to be published next month, and would already like to assess candidates interested in and available for this project.


Project Description

The beneficiary organisation, the National Treasury of South Africa, is the contracting authority for the capacitybuilding for public financial management (PFM) programme, funded by the European Commission. Based onthe requirements of the Public Finance Management Act (1999) and the Municipal Finance Management Act(2003), the National Treasury has developed a comprehensive capacity development strategy for PFM. The strategy provides a national perspective to address the challenges of scarce skills, high levels of vacancies and staff turnover, a lack of suitable education, training and development programmes and limited knowledge management.


The programme is based on 6 results areas:

(i)                  an enabling PFM institutional environment within the 3 spheres of government;

(ii)                enhanced organisational PFM capacity developed;

(iii)               an empowered and sustained PFM corps of competent and committed employees;

(iv)              an environment to sustain mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships;

(v)                increased PFM capacity within provincial government; and

(vi)              increased PFM capacity for selected local government.


The overall objective of the assignment will be to develop public financial management capacity of national, provincial and local government in order to contribute to improved financial performance of the Government of South Africa. The contractor will provide a team of technical assistants that will assist the National Treasury with the implementation of the programme.


Indicative start

Jan 2013



Min. 2 years



If interested in this project, please:
- forward your most updated CV
- indication of remuneration package
- check availability
Thank you for your efforts, we look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Mr. Sander STEUR
Director ECFDC
Economic & Financial Management Consultant
European Consulting for Developing Countries
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The Netherlands
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