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The Performance Dimensions in Budget

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[7] What makes a budget credible?

[8] When a budget is comprehensive and transparent?

[9] Is the budget linked to policy priorities?

[-] How to achieve predictability and control in budget execution?

[-] Are accounting, recording and reporting adequate?

[-] When external scrutiny and audit are effective tools?

Medium Term Expenditure Framework

[-] The Macro-fiscal analysis made simple

[-] The Revenue Framework

[-] Public expenditure management

[-] Public Investment Management

[-] IT systems applied to PFM?

[-] Decentralisation

Internal and External Audit

[-] Internal Audit, its mandate, coverage and quality

[-] External Audit, an essential oversight function

Donor practices

[-] Aid Effectiveness, now what?

[-] Budget, sector, project support? Making sense of them all

[-] Managing budget support

Ad-hoc PFM Boards

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