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For this project FWC Lot 9 in Tajikistan: Review of the Human Development Support Programme in Tajikistan we are looking for this expert.
If interested contact by September 6th

Expert n°1 – Team Leader, Economist/PFM Senior Expert: 32 working days
Qualifications and skills:
•At least Master's Degree Academic level in Economics, PFM, Public Administration, or Academic Degree in relevant area with more than 15 years of equivalent professional experience;    
•A good knowledge of the European Commission guidelines and procedures, including manuals for Budget Support and Sector Policy Support Programme (SPSP), Budget support guidelines and templates;
•Fluency in English;
•Russian and/or Tajik language is an asset;

General professional experience:
•At least 10 years of professional experience in PFM/Economics field;
Specific professional experience:
•At least 5 years of professional experience in development co-operation matters;
•Proven leadership and people management skills, as demonstrated through the participation of minimum 1 year as Team Leader in the implementation of a  project;
•At least one long term assignment (over one year) in implementing PFM reform project in transition countries (according to IMF list), preferably in one of the Former Soviet Union countries;
•Strong analytical skills coupled with a proven capacity of handling programme review, including the participation in a minimum of two programme review missions;
•Participation in a Budget Support Programme review missions would be an advantage;
•Previous experience in EU-funded review missions would be an advantage.


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