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Foundations of Public Finance Management - Idilmat Workshop
« on: July 30, 2013, 12:20:50 GMT »
Foundations of Public Finance Management provides an excellent foundation in public finance management (PFM) principally for non PFM professionals. If you are involved in policy work, sector programmes, or have management responsibilities in government ministries, departments and agencies, then this 5-day workshop will benefit you. It has been designed specifically with the developing country context in mind and will better equip you to understand the full breadth of PFM functions that impact upon the work in their sectors. 

By the end of this professional development training you will:
    **Be equipped with some basic frameworks for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a country’s PFM systems.
    **Be equipped with some basic analytical frameworks for looking at PFM – based upon the objectives for sound PFM: fiscal discipline, allocative efficiency and technical efficiency.
    **Appreciate the rationale for the different aid modalities adopted by the Development Partners
    **Be able to question the nature of relevance of some popularly promoted PFM reforms – such as performance budgeting, budgeting by objectives, activity based budgeting, the    use of MTEF, accrual accounting, IFMIS, and public-private partnerships.

If you are a Government Official or Development Advisor whose work is impacted by public finance management but has little or no experience of public financial management, then this workshop is for you.

More information on the details of this course can be found at

02 September - 06 September 2013

Fiore Heights,
Ring Road Central,
Accra, Ghana
+233 (0)302937788
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