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Public procurement is central to good public financial management and public resources allocation. It´s importance is derived from its role as the vehicle by which typically over 40% of the budget implementation is managed and which can be as high as 70%.  It is the means by which a country´s policy objectives are implemented.

This five-day training workshop provides a practical and useful overview of public procurement and supply chain management:

**reviewing the legal and regulatory framework,
**the institutional arrangements,
**the procurement methods,
**the dependence of its effectiveness on other related public finance management performance,
**inventory and warehouse management,
**the use of information technologies in procurement,
**opportunities for corruption,
**the assessment of public procurement performance and
**the role of the market and the employment of preference programs to address social imbalances.

The target audience is government officials involved in public procurement and other areas of public finance management who would like to improve their understanding of public finance management. It is suitable for participants with little or no background in Public Finance Management. It contributes to developing capacities in country to form a credible professional cadre of public procurement professionals

Introduction to Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management
July 1- 5 2013
Idilmat Capacity Development Institute
Ring Road Central, Accra
See course details or register online

For more information contact Grace Ayensu on +233 266 170 403 or email her

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