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MTEF, what is it?



I am interested in learning more about MTEF and its variants, I like your help in directing me to sources and articles where I can learn the definition of MTEF, how it works, Country statistics of where it has been implement, success factors, challenges etc

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1. Start reading the topics at . In particular there is full training course (with attachments) at

2. You can also go to the PFM Board Video Sessions at where you find short videos on the matter.

Enjoy it and feel free to post more questions after reading.

If you want to go back to the early roots of the MTEF, at least as far as the international donor community is concerned, it's worth looking at the World Bank's 1998 Public Expenditure Management Handbook (attached). Look at pages 48-55 for a 'bare-bones' description.

Malcolm Holmes had a big role in preparing the handbook, developing the MTEF concept from Australian experience. I also attach a short presentation by him.

Napodano's training material then goes on to explain in more detail what this all means in practice.

John Short:
Other useful material by Holmes et al

A Review of Experience in Implementing. Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks in a PRSP Context: A Synthesis of Eight. Country Studies. Malcolm Holmes ...

Implementing a Medium-Term Perspective to Budgeting in the ...
Guidance Note was prepared by Alison Evans and Malcolm Holmes with ... prepared by Malcolm Holmes and Alison Evans plus the individual country ...


Another good, all-in-one brief on MTEF, with an intriguing title. See below


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